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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2012|12:57 am]
Apparently I said something horribly wrong.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2011|07:40 pm]
This continues to be one of the sexiest things I have ever read.

The next time she came to lunch, I served asparagus again, this time with a vinaigrette.
"It is quite good." Her tone suggested it wasn't that good. "Do you ever put egg in your vinaigrette?"
"Let me show you."
Taking the bowl of French dressing, she went into the kitchen, cracked an egg, separated the yolk, and dropped it into the oil and vinegar.
"You have some mustard?"
I silently handed her the Grey Poupon. She spooned some into the mixture and whisked it for a few seconds. My watery-looking mixture of oil, vinegar, and salt was transformed into a creamy golden emulsion.
She dipped her forefinger into it and held it up. I licked it.
The dressing tasted delicious.
So did her finger.
We didn't marry for another fifteen years, but our courtship began with that finger and that vinaigrette.
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2011|11:33 pm]
[Mood |happyhappy]

You guyssssssssssssssssssssss.

The Broadway tours coming to SF next year are soooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooood.

Bring it On, the musical (okay, this doesn't fall under the category of good, but it does fall under the category of hilarious)
Something written by Pinter
American Idiot

I seriously cannot get over how excited I am for SHNSF next year. For. Fucking. Serious.

I also renewed my subscription for ACT's 2011-12 season. Put all my theatre going tickets together and that's a minimum of fourteen shows (fourteen because SHNSF will add one more) (and minimum because I'll see more plays than just those).


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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2011|10:48 pm]
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2011|08:55 pm]
[Mood |sickmigraaaaaaaine]

Reasons I will not date you.

1. You automatically assume that, because I live with my parents, I must be a loser. (Best way to save money for grad school and future home is to not pay rent right now. I am being thrifty.)

2. Your name is Andy. (That's my brother. I'm sorry. I just ... can't.)

3. While trying to connect with me on the children thing, you say this gem. "I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want children. Especially when women don't like children. What's wrong with them?" (Um. Wow. I mean, I like kids a lot, but when I say it wouldn't be in your best interests to date me if you don't like kids, that doesn't mean you should say that all women must want children. I have plenty of female friends who detest children and they are completely in their right minds.)

4. You don't like children. (It's just not gonna work. Sorry.)

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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2011|08:54 pm]
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Your favorite place?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. Where do you want to be right now?
11. Favorite word?
12. What do you love most in life?
13. Who do you love most in life?
14. One Word to describe you.
15. Your greatest dream.
16. Your favorite childhood story.

1. Alexa
2. Burritos
3. Lowell
4. Red
5. Brian Wilson
6. Hot chocolate
7. Theatre
8. Chocolate cake
9. Teacher
10. London
11. Parapluie
12. Books
13. Children
14. Short
15. Flying
16. If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2011|11:30 pm]

I just took the first step in my applying to grad school process.

All it included was emailing a teacher at Lowell to ask for names of elementary school teachers whose classrooms I could volunteer in.

It's so stupid that I didn't do this months ago.

But it feels really fantastic that I've finally gotten that one tiny part done.

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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2011|03:56 pm]
[Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[Music |Ke$ha - Tik Tok]

Okay, you guys.

I pretty much never go on my computer anymore, which is pretty neat. I have like, weekly computer binges where I catch up on email because I really don't like typing on my phone ... and then I spend a long time on Facebook until I realize I should have been reading Les Mis. Which I'm almost done with. Only 300 pages to go. I'm hoping to finish before I leave for Boston on the 26th.

There is nothing going on in my life. Nothing. I play with babies. They make me happy. I try not to pick my skin. I stare in disgust at the state of my bedroom. I knit. I watch too much tv (ugh). I read Les Mis.

Yesterday I found out that approximately half the people I know are on OKCupid, which makes me less embarrassed about being on it. I'm admitting it right now. I have an OKCupid account. I haven't logged on in months, but maybe I will now because I'm less embarrassed since half the people I know are on it, too.

I'm gonna go buy some shelving stuff so that maybe someday soon my room won't be such a pigsty. I didn't know pigsty was spelled that way.

If you're in San Francisco, we should hang out so I can stop being such a hermit. I adore Skyler, but my two-year-old friend who lies to her mother about the awesome times we have together shouldn't be the only reason I leave my house.

(Skyler: When Mommy and Daddy go to work, Lexa comes to play.
Skyler's Mom: That's right. And do you have a nice time with Alexa?
Skyler: Ye-NO.)

"Tik Tok" is stuck in my head because of XKCD. No judging allowed.

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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2010|01:33 pm]
[Mood |happyhappy]
[Music |Pink Martini - Auld Lang Syne]

Funny things my kids* have said ...

Jakey, age three, while standing in the shower - "You have to take those off, because you're getting in with me!"

Elanor, age almost three, while being sniffed by my dog, Chyna - "No, doggy, I need my space!"

(Yes, children do always end their sentences with exclamation points.)

*my kids being the ones I teach and babysit. I don't have my own kids yet.

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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2010|01:30 pm]

11. the first photo on your phone that you took.

This is a picture of my friend Sonya, who was my assistant stage manager for The Good Doctor earlier this year. I took this either while we were waiting for our actors to arrive or ... while not paying attention to our actors. I'm guessing it's the former, as the box of rehearsal props behind Sonya looks pretty full.

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